Shiva ‘The Destroyer’

Shiva awake onesA beautiful Shiva posture is that of Nataraj, the cosmic dancer (pictured), signifying the full cycle of birth, life and death.

Most commonly, Shiva is thought of as “The Destroyer,” which sounds a little scary, but actually refers to the cycle of life. Brahma is the creator and Vishnu is the preserver. But dissolution is necessary so the cycle can start all over again.

It’s been said that the earth is entering the “Time of Shiva” when the old ways of being are dissolving in preparation for a golden age when people are awakened.

In his meditative posture, Shiva is shown with a cobra, signifying his mastery over poisonous fear. He’s also seated on a tiger skin, indicating his subdual of fierce mind. And in meditation, Shiva is always accompanied by his faithful bull Nandi, the joyful one.

Photo credit: Santhosh Kumar’s Flickr photostream


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