Signs of Awakening

meditateAn article published in Waking Times in 2013 listed some characteristics of people who are expanding spiritually or becoming more empathic. A sampling of these traits include:

-We may feel overwhelmed in large crowds, feeling overly sensitive to all the swirling thoughts and emotions.

-We somehow “know” things even though we haven’t been trained or educated on the topic.

-It becomes repellant for us to consume mainstream media with all its violence and gratuitous content.

-We can sense the emotions of others regardless of what they may be saying.

Here are a few more characteristics awakened people have reported.

-We begin to see the “bigger picture.” For instance, even when something seems to be going wrong, we’re willing to believe that in the grand scheme of things everything is working out just right.

-Because we’re starting to let go of the past, we’re less resistant to new ideas, kind of like children.

-We enjoy quiet time to commune with our inner Divine. In fact, we need alone time to recharge.

-As our strong association with our personalities and images of ourselves soften, we don’t get hurt as easily.

Photo: Alice Popkorn’s Flickr Photostream Creative Commons (scaled to 300 pixels high).

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