A Modern-Day Awakening Experience

why not find out more juliaFor years, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan at the Oneness University in Southern India said that human consciousness would undergo a major shift beginning around 2012. Julia Desmond, who had been visiting Oneness University for several years, was part of the early wave of people who awakened there.

http://diebrueder.ch/piskodral/6909 Her awakening occurred in September 2012 on the last day of a 28-day “deepening” process at OU during a sacred ceremony. Musicians were beating drums, and everyone was dancing when she experienced her shift.

binary options trading signals with franco “I remember it very clearly that I was being awakened,” says Desmond. “I actually felt my brain being re-wired. It was about a three-minute process. It was a part of the brain I had never felt this kind of activity in before. It was an itchy, electrical sensation in the top right portion of my head. I remember scratching it. I knew at that point that my awakening was happening.”

go to the website try here After the dancing, everyone lay on the marble temple floor in Shavasana. Then Desmond saw a mystical vision. Prior to this day, she had experienced higher states of consciousness with wonderful emotions. But now, lying on the floor, she saw the Buddha sitting off in the distance and her “self” as this gigantic obstacle blocking her from the Buddha. She saw that even in higher states of consciousness, the self was still huge.

“It (the mystical vision) was in my third eye,” she says. “My self was so big sitting there. I saw that the self was in the way of this Buddha nature, and I watched the self dissolve.”

http://armor-deck.net/edikpedik/3037 Later that day, the participants and teachers all gathered for the closing ceremony of the deepening. Desmond noticed that she felt an unusual connection with all the Oneness teachers that was new for her.

view it now “We were sitting there as equals, like kindergartners; there was none of that mind construct of separation,” she says. “I felt so connected. I was joy-filled with everybody’s presence. That was the first time in my life I had felt that.”

The connected feeling continued the next day when she flew home to Colorado. “I felt this exquisite sense of oneness with everyone around me. Sitting there in the airport, I was experiencing everything about them; the pride they took in their jobs, the care they took in dressing themselves. It was the first time I saw how much effort people put in their daily life. Before, I would have had a distance because the self was there.”

Since her awakening, Desmond has written a book, “Writings From the One – 108 Insights From the Divine,” which she says was basically dictated to her by the Divine.

Asked if she’s experienced any miracles since her awakening, she says she’s seen big improvements in her health, wealth and marriage.

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