Film Depicts Yogananda’s Struggles

single hook up 1 Yogananda3The documentary film, “Awake, the Life of Yogananda,” made it seem as if the great Indian sage didn’t enjoy his life very much. Yogananda, who came to the United States in the 1920s and made a splash with his exotic spiritual teachings, is most well-known for his famous book “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

click this over here now Yogananda was drawn to spiritual things from an early age. The first page of his book tells how even as an infant he remembered an earlier incarnation where he was a yogi living “amid the Himalayan snows.” His father and mother were both disciples of the Hindu guru Lahiri Mahasaya.

site de rencontre adolescent france Yogananda definitely had his share of trials and tribulations in life. His mother died when he was 11 years old. Even though his father was spiritually inclined, he still wanted his son to pursue a professional career, so Yogananda’s obsession with meditation caused tension between the two. And Yogananda had challenges in the US, as well. After traveling around the country giving speeches for several years, he got tired of the phoniness of people who were only intellectually interested in his teachings but not willing to actually practice his Kriya Yoga techniques.

other But, all in all, his autobiography reveals an adventuresome and worthwhile life. He met many sages in India, achieved self-realization through his guru Sri Yukteswar, brought Eastern spiritual teachings to the United States, met many influential people of his day and established a spiritual center in beautiful California in the 1920s. The documentary though, depicts his life as a sacrifice he chose to make for the benefit of mankind. It starts with Yogananda’s thoughts while still in the womb: part of him wanted to live life in a body, but another part didn’t, because he knew he was really spirit. Besides the grief of losing his mother at a young age, the movie highlighted a couple of troubles not mentioned in the book. Apparently, Yogananda brought one of his fellow monks from India over to his center in Los Angeles and installed him as second-in-command. But while Yogananda was traveling around the country giving speeches, his friend had an affair with a married woman, and the scandal hit the newspapers nationwide. Yogananda, himself, was practically chased out of Miami because the newspaper stories made men feel suspicious that this dark-skinned foreigner might lure their wives.

Read Full Article The film also highlighted Yogananda’s homesickness for India. The documentary indicates that while visiting his home country in the 1930s, he was loathe to return to the materialism of the US.

Visit Your URL Whether or not Yogananda felt burdened by his responsibilities, his teachings certainly had ripple effects in the West. The film shows clips of interviews with people who were influenced by him, including George Harrison, Krishna Das and Deepak Chopra. One interviewee said that Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, reread “Autobiography of a Yogi” numerous times and left instructions for copies of the book to be given to each attendee at his memorial service after his death in 2011.

click here for more Photo: Paramhansa Yogananda via Flickr Creative Commons

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