Miracles Point to Awakening

site de rencontre pour personne avec vih Henderson awakeonesNancy Henderson experienced a shift into awakening after a euphoric evening receiving blessings from some Oneness leaders. She then began experiencing miracles in her life, unaware that she had awakened.

conocer chica bilbao It was September 2012, and Henderson had just spent 10 days traveling across Ontario, Canada, with three Oneness people – one from India, one from Sweden and one from the United States – who had been conducting meditation evenings. The group was exhausted on this last night but still felt inclined to give Henderson a Deeksha (a blessing given by placing hands on a person’s head).

visit our website “We snuck out of the room at 1:30 in the morning,” says Henderson. “We were in the back yard giggling, trying not to wake up others. The stars were shining so magnificently. I received three Deekshas, one after another, from people in very high states. I had this feeling of immense peace come over me. I felt like the calmness of the vast sky. The next day the world looked the same, but I was different. I was calmer. I felt like I was in the center of time and timelessness.”

you can try here During the next two months, Henderson experienced a number of miracles.

http://www.mylifept.com/?refriwerator=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-gold&63f=53 binäre optionen gold One day, while driving on the highway about 75 miles per hour, her car dropped speed suddenly. She was able to steer to the side of the road, but she smelled a strange rotten-egg smell. At that very moment, a tow truck pulled up. The tow truck driver rushed over to her driver’s side window and said, “Ma’am, get out of car; it’s going to blow up.”

http://gamginc.com/?viopwas=annonce-femme-cherche-homme-pour-mariage-maroc&bf9=c3 Fortunately, the guy was able to lift the hood of the car and disconnect the battery. He even seemed surprised at himself for doing something so dangerous. But in the end, he and Henderson were safe, and her mechanic was able to repair her car.

citas en linea ebais In another instance, Henderson said she experienced a miracle connected with selling her house. “I put my house on the market and set the price way above market value,” she says. “I made this very clear intent that I wanted to sell it within 10 days for that amount of money.” She also wanted the buyer to love the house, and she wanted it to be an easy transaction with both parties completely satisfied. On the tenth day, a person from South America put a full-price offer on the house, which was exactly what they were looking for.

http://www.caibari.it/?freymyt=rencontres-femmes-venezuela&792=af Other things resolved for Henderson during those two months as well. She says several of her relationships “came to a flat out closure, and a whole bunch of new relationships opened.” Of the relationships that ended, she says there was no pain or suffering.

http://www.comitesdepistagecancers.fr/ployka/271 Ultimately, a guide at Oneness University in India suspected that Henderson had experienced a shift. She traveled to India in December 2012 and received confirmation of her awakening.

“I’m so appreciative for the opportunity to have awakened at this time, to have the teachings, the processes that make this a very graceful walk,” she says. “At no time in history has it been so available to go into an awakened state and become awakened.”

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