Post-Awakening Can be Awkward

special info AwakeOnes KeelFor those going through an integration period after awakening, it’s helpful to have a spiritual friend to talk with, says Patricia Keel, who experienced her awakening in 2012.

mujeres solteras aqp Keel, who is a retired Unity minister and host of the Oneness Program online radio show, says people have this idea that they’ll get awakened and then everything in their lives will be easy, when in fact, that’s not the case for many people. There can be “such an awkwardness in the integration,” says Keel. “Each of us has our own cross to bear in terms of the areas of our life where we have challenges. For some people, those areas can become worse after awakening. It’s like the storm before the calm.”

binäre optionen mt4 Keel says one-on-one relationships helped her through her integration. “I would share with a friend of mine who’s going through the process or who’s gone through it and is holding sort of a high watch for me to be able to share.”

site rencontre ado sans inscription gratuit Awakened in Dark Space

Tastylia Online Without Prescription�?¯�?¿�?½�?¯�?¿�?½�?¯�?¿�?½�?¯�?¿�?½ Keel had her shift into awakening at Oneness University in India on December 12, 2012, during a three-day “dark room” process. On December 11, she entered a room that was completely darkened. It was furnished with a bed, a yoga mat, a chair and a small altar. There was also a bathroom. Her only instruction came from a Oneness guide who told her to “allow the Divine to take you through a life review.”

un hombre soltero puede adoptar un niГ±o en chile She was aware of a tiny bit of light coming through a fan in the bathroom, so she had some idea of the passing of time.

site de rencontre activitГ©s “The actual experience (of awakening) was very definite for me,” she says. “I was sitting on the bed, and I had this very strong experience of electric charges coming down over my eyes, coming from the top of my head down. It was really intense. It happened a couple of times, and then everything just went blank.”

After a while, she had an experience: “It was like I went outside of my body and lifted my skull off, and I was an observer trying to find a thought. There was just this sense of nothing there. Then part of me was saying ‘are you sure there is nothing there?’ It was this sense of looking inside this empty headedness.”

Finally, she melted into a place of peacefulness and vastness during the remainder of her time in the dark room. “During that time it wasn’t like I had no mental activity going on,” she says. “But I could reflect back and think, ‘Wow, something really happened here.’ There wasn’t even a question of did it happen or not happen.”

Even with such a definite awakening experience, she has still faced challenges in integrating back into her life in the United States.

“There are all these different areas of our life that the integration might really find its focus for us,” she says. “That’s where I think having somebody to support you, having a partner to talk to, is hugely important.”

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