Super Bowl Ads Point to Awakening of Consciousness

hardesty headshotI’m thrilled and amazed at how often I hear people talking about “awakening” lately.

Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, recently said on EckhartTolleTV:

“Without considering the Eastern world, my estimate is that at this time about 10 percent of people in North America are already awakening. That makes 30 million Americans alone, and in addition to those people in other North American countries, about 10 percent of the population of Western European countries are also awakening. This is probably enough of a critical mass to bring about a new earth. So the transformation of consciousness is truly happening even though they won’t be reporting it on tonight’s news.”

At the end of January, I attended a presentation by Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife. I expected to hear about his near-death experience and about the huge body of literature regarding others’ near death experiences, which is the focus of his second book Map of Heaven. But I was surprised how many times Alexander mentioned “awakening” and “oneness.” He said, “We’re now on the verge of a great awakening” and “There’s a momentum toward oneness with the divine.”

Aside from wonderful spiritual teachers talking about awakening, my antennae have also detected some evidence of awakening in the general population. Case in point: the Super Bowl ads this year. In past years, it seemed Super Bowl ads were mostly about gigantic trucks and Swedish bikini models drinking beer. So I was blown away this year when two major advertisers (Coke and McDonald’s) focused their commercials on LOVE.

Coke’s ad depicts a guy working in a data center where all the computers are busy streaming hate-filled talk shows, cyber bullying and the like. But then, the guy accidentally spills his Coke on a server, and it spreads love and happiness throughout the whole Internet.

The McDonald’s commercial highlights a “Pay With Lovin” promotion it’s running through Valentine’s Day. Each day McDonald’s will select a random time at which the first customer to enter the store will be asked “to execute a random act of Lovin'” in order to get their meal for free. According to its official rules, “the Lovin’ Acts will be designated by the Lovin’ Lead and may include things like fist bumping the Lovin’ Lead, calling a loved one, telling the Lovin’ Lead what the Participant loves about their significant other, blowing a kiss, or other general sentiment or Lovin’ Act.”

Seriously, these are not the Super Bowl ads of old. There’s some kind of shift in consciousness happening here.

-Linda Hardesty

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