Grace Will Find You

check my reference Peter Beach 2When Peter Beach was only 24, he had a profound awakening experience while practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM). He had been meditating for many hours a day for several months when, “The kundalini just rose up in space – not even in my body,” he says. “When I felt my body, it was just this wide open space at the top of my head, with the universe within and without at the same time.” He says he realized that the experience was pure grace from the Divine and “had nothing to do with any moment that preceded that moment.”

click here for more info After graduating from college, Beach became the somewhat unusual combination of tax lawyer and dedicated practitioner of TM, who continued to have spiritual awakenings.

rencontre hmong Once while meditating on his bed, he fell asleep and when he was coming back to a waking state, he had “a very distinct, clear experience of each sense separately coming alive,” he says. “It was just hearing, then that was gone. Then there was just feeling, then that was gone. Then there was just seeing what was behind my eyelids. Then came the realization there was no one connecting each of those senses. That experience was followed for several days with experiences like going for a walk and feeling like I was walking into myself, because there was no difference between me and the air.”

conocer mujeres indias At one point during his early career, he decided to devote part of his law practice to helping spiritual groups with their legal needs. He does this work for free – pro bono. At first he helped TM and its leader Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Then eventually, word got around, and other spiritual groups started calling, asking for legal advice for non-profits. In 2008, a friend who was involved with Oneness wanted to give Beach and his wife, Thayer, a spiritual blessing, or Deeksha. Beach says the blessing didn’t knock their socks off or anything, but “from that point on, life just started to change in a very practical way driving us forward to AmmaBhagavan (founders of Oneness University).” He ended up doing some legal work for Oneness University and was invited to come to India to take the blessing-giver course that was being offered at that time. He, Thayer and their youngest daughter traveled to India for the course. Over the years, Beach has gone to Oneness University several times for various courses.

look what i found Although Bhagavan has identified him as awakened, “I can’t pinpoint awakening for me,” says Beach. “It’s just been this sort of thing that’s been welling up and growing and expanding my entire life.”

cherche emploi homme a tout faire He has had continued spiritual experiences though. On one trip to Oneness University, he experienced the energy of his throat chakra. He says, “I was lying down after a Deeksha, and this very weird moaning sound came out of my throat, very animalistic. This pressure was building, and it just broke open, and this flush of energy went up into my head and out. That was a very nice experience.”

These days, Beach says he still meditates regularly in the morning and evening and deepens his understanding of the underlying consciousness of the Divine being in everything. “It’s just so rich now,” he says.

Asked if he had any advice for others, he says, “I don’t give advice like that at all. Find what it is that you like to do. Grace is going to find you no matter what you do. Grace will reveal itself in a way that’s perfect for you. This is one person’s story,” he adds. “There’s nothing in this required of anybody else. Everyone is on their own path.”

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