Book Explains The Oneness Phenomena UnknownThere are only a handful of books about the Oneness phenomena, so the newly published “The Oneness Blessing” by Paula Rosenfeld provides a great overview of the topic, including the Oneness blessing, developing a personal relationship with the Divine and awakening.

site de rencontre pour les amoureux Rosenfeld draws on interviews with awakened Oneness trainers to provide anecdotes and different perspectives for her topics. For instance, when explaining the Oneness blessing, or Deeksha, Rosenfeld recounts the experience of Oneness trainer Michael Milner receiving the blessing for the first time. At that time, Milner was in a place of disillusionment after decades as a spiritual seeker. He says:

read “My wife, Suzanne, and I sat in the living room with this student and we prayed to Sri Bhagavan to show us his stuff. We’d been around the block and I wasn’t looking for anything. This idea of enlightening humanity sounded far-fetched, but I thought, ‘If it’s real, then show us.’”

Home Page Immediately upon receiving the hands-on blessing from the friend who was visiting the Milners, they experienced an “amazing energy” that filled the room, and Milner was given insight into the hidden causes of his suffering. “I knew from years of contemplative experience that the only way this happens is through Divine grace,” he said. In a section of the book about miracles after awakening, Oneness trainer C.J. Bigelow says: “In my family life, it means that people are just happy. It doesn’t mean that we’ve changed that much, it’s only that we’ve become so much more able to experience with each other how what once was irritating is now funny. This is a byproduct of a flowered heart. What you wanted before to be different in someone, you now just see it for what it is and think it’s just endearing or funny.” Rosenfeld says awakening is basically the ability to stay with the “what is.” Permanent awakening requires a neurobiological shift, and once that happens the person can stay with the “what is” for longer and longer amounts of time. The actual awakening experience is unique for each person. For some people the experience is so subtle, they may not notice anything. Other people have dramatic experiences where they feel electric sensations in their heads or see mystical visions.

dating my ex's brother Rosenfeld describes her own awakening: “My actual moment of the physiological shift came while I was asleep. In the early hours of one morning in the third week of the course (at Oneness University), I woke from a deep slumber with a massive headache unlike any I’d ever experienced. I’d never had migraines or anything remotely similar. The headache kept persisting and was so painful that I prayed desperately for relief. Within seconds of prayer, my personal Divine clearly instructed me to walk out the door and ask someone for Deeksha. I got myself out of bed and stumbled out the door. There, walking just a few feet away was Julia Desmond, an Awakened Trainer and Oneness Meditator. I asked Julia for healing Deeksha, which she gladly gave me. My headache disappeared immediately after Deeksha. I knew with certainty that something was very different besides the absence of pain.”

Rosenfeld does a thorough job of covering all the major aspects of the beginnings of the awakening journey, and the stories and experiences from the Oneness trainers add a lot of color to her valuable book.

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