Setting Right Your Relationship with Your Parents is Critical

BhagavanSri Bhagavan has stressed how important it is for a person to set right their relationship with their parents. But what does that really mean? Sri Bhagavan gives the following explanation via the Oneness Community channel on Band app, a mobile application for Android and iOS users:

“Setting right relationship means accepting the others as they are, not trying to change them. If your parents hurt you in the past, forgiveness must happen, not that you forgive somebody, you realize they are not responsible for what they have┬ádone. Many factors are responsible for that, the whole universe is responsible for that, and therefore you see that they are totally innocent, no matter whatever they have done, and therefore forgiveness happens.

So you must remember that the parent also was once a child only. So he was traumatized by his parents. So this goes on from generation to generation. It could have happened to your great grandfather, from him to your grandfather, then your father, and then to yourself. It gets transferred like that, that kind of behavior, that kind of attitude, then it goes on. Ultimately, if you probe deeply, nobody is responsible.

The basic thing you must know is that whatever they, as parents, have done to you, whatever you do not approve of, was not that they did it willfully; they were made to do those things because they were being controlled by several factors. You must realize that you are nothing but robots. You are a robot and your parent is a robot. If you can see that, you wouldn’t blame them at all. The way they behave with you would depend on what happened while they were in their mother’s womb, their fundamental childhood decisions, past life vasanas, later day conditioning, etc.

If you realize this, first would come acceptance, then would come love and the relationship falls into order. Once the relationship falls into order, everything else falls into order.

All this is possible only when you have accepted yourself truly. Without having accepted yourself as you are, you cannot accept anybody else. So always start with yourself. Accept yourself, and all things happen automatically. That very acceptance will guide you, that very acceptance becomes your teacher, your guru.”

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