The Phenomenon & Gift Comes to The U.S.

Phenomenon & GiftI used to have a fantasy that one day I would travel to India, study with an enlightened master, and attain awakening.

My rational mind always told me this was ridiculous. But another part of me believed the impossible would someday happen.

Then it did happen.

But it took me several months after the fact to realize that my “crazy” prayer had been answered.

For me, that’s how my prayers do get answered. Things happen in a natural sort of way. There might be some kind of coincidence. Then practical decisions are made. Mundane steps are taken. Later, I slap myself on the side of the head when I realize another prayer has been answered.

But that’s just me. Others experience their prayers being answered in different ways.

My experience of a shift in consciousness took place at the Oneness University (OU) in India in January 2014. I had spent almost four weeks studying with the monks and nuns at OU. Each day we received teachings and participated in processes designed to shift our perspective on life and get in touch with the Divine.

Then on the second-to-last day of my stay, I experienced a kind of tweak in my mind, which the teachers at OU refer to as awakening.

Afterwards, I felt more relaxed and friendly. My mind was quieter. And I could perceive the difference between the chatter inside my head and the still point within.

These changes have stayed with me and deepened, and I’m forever grateful to Oneness University.

India Transmits to America

Thousands of people from around the world have traveled to OU and had awakening experiences. But many thousands more have wanted to go to India and have not been able to, often because they can’t afford it or they don’t have the time.

In answer to the prayers of these people, OU is now offering a weekend course in select locations in the United States.

The course is called “The Phenomenon & The Gift.”

Catherine Scherwenka, an American who has lived at OU for three years, defines the Phenomenon and the Gift as follows: “The Phenomenon is helping to raise consciousness. It’s experiential, not something you can put in words. The Gift is the practical tools you can bring into your day-to-day life to live the way you’ve always wanted to live.”

OU is focusing on helping people in the United States because the country is influential in the world. U.S. pop culture via music and television and the Internet impacts people everywhere. If Americans become more evolved, it will hasten a global awakening.

The weekend course is not just for New-Age spiritual seekers. Scherwenka’s own brother, who is a Catholic lawyer and rather conservative, attended one of the courses and said he would recommend it to his friends.

“The focus is on the technology and the science of consciousness and how it relates to our life and relationships,” says Scherwenka. “The first day is about clearing, and the second day is more about receiving divine energy and grace.”

“All of us want to live a better, happier, healthier life,” she adds. “What are we really doing to make that happen? Nobody’s who’s attended this course has said ‘This was just OK.’ If you’re really committed to your growth and helping yourself and your family, you should take this course.”

The next session of The Phenomenon & The Gift is taking place May 20-22 in seven locations: Austin, Boise, Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, Phoenix, and Santa Fe.

-Linda Hardesty

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